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HiPath Wireless - Outdoor High Quality Access Points


Those are from Siemens A&D its a SCALANCE series and it used for high requirements areas.

SCALANCE W-786 Access Point
    * Temperature
      The W-786 Access Points are particularly suitable for applications with high climatic requirements
      (from -40°C to +70°C).
    * Robustness
      The impact-resistant plastic housing provides protection against destruction in particular when used in public areas. The UV and salt spray resistance of the devices permit installation and operation of the Access Points e.g. in ports, offshore equipment or in container logistics.  The Access Points of the SCALANCE W-786 product line are fitted with up to 3 integral radio modules (W786-1 PRO, W786-2PRO, W786-3PRO).

SCALANCE W-784 Access Point
The SCALANCE W-784 Access Points and Ethernet Client Modules are especially suitable for space-saving integration into the control cabinet. They correspond in their functionality to the access points and Ethernet client modules of the SCALANCE W-788 product range and they have a wireless module. The access point versions can also be operated in Ethernet client mode. The access points are available in two versions:

    * W784-1 (functionally compatible with W788-1PRO)
    * W784-1RR (functionally compatible with W788-1RR)

and the Ethernet client modules are available in three versions:

    * W744-1 (functionally compatible with W744-1PRO)
    * W746-1 (functionally compatible with W746-1PRO)
    * W747-1 (functionally compatible with W747-1RR)

The outstanding features of the access points and Ethernet client modules of the SCALANCE W-784 product range include advanced data security thanks to WPA2/IEEE 802.11i and IEEE 802.1x (RADIUS), aluminum housing, degree of protection IP30, Ex approval (Zone2), and an expanded temperature range between -20°C and +60°C. In addition, the SCALANCE W-784 products are suitable for wall-mounting as well as for DIN-rail-mounting (35mm DIN) with the optional MS 2 mounting set, and for mounting on the S7-300 sectional rail.


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