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Rilasciata versione MobileConnect V2 R0.3.0


In SEBA da 02.09.2008 hanno rilasciato nuova versione di MobileConnect. Soto la lista delle funzionalita implementata in v2 (diff per la v1.1).

Feature-Code      Task

HI11         Client based Call forward
HI12         Attended Call transfer
HI14         Display Calling Party number after transfer
HI18         DTMF dialling
HI19         Single transfer to preconfigured number
                        Divert calls to voice mail (vacation scenario)
HI21         Call Hold
HI22         Conference Extensions
HI24         Consultation Extensions
HI26         Configuration of access codes
HI27         Call Mute
RE1         Failover – appliance redundancy solution
SE1         Appliance – Automatic backup
SE2         Synchronisation of user data between appliance
SE5         Fallback database
SE6         Provisioning of Client Licence
SE8         Client data to be preserved upon client upgrade.
SE9         Client software release version to be shown in info
BR1         Support multiple SIMs
BR3         Use appliance at another location or centrally
SEC1         Product needs to comply to HiPath Security Policy
SEC6         Certificate based WLAN access
DE1         Symbian 3rd edition
DE4         Nokia E Series / N Series
AP2         Selection of contact list entries as native contact list
AP3         Search implementation as native contact list
US1         GUI to drive feature invocation – conference, transfer, call forward, etc
US2         Calls should be possible with minimum action. Remove additional selection for enterprise or direct calls. Direct calls should be possible via menu option. Configuration option to allow current behaviour.
US3         Single action transfer to preconfigured phone number (e.g. desk phone)
US4         For S60 3rd series / WM v6, exit from right button on main menu would bring up a confirmation dialog
US7         Client setting on device protected by admin password
US9         Roaming options to be overridden by admin.
US10         Allow Deletion of complete call list, with 2 step approach
US11         Multiple VoIP profiles
US12         Acoustic indication when party leaves a conference
US13         Provide comfort tone when making outgoing mobile call
US18         Client to support handsfree function of the device
US20         Support the native sound profiles
US24         Support of BT and wired headsets
MA2         Client to be deployed with Intellisync
MA8         Mobile client licence provision – Need to make easier to deploy. If possible to control client use via appliance licence, should remove the need to have client licence.


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