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- No hardware, boards, updates required for the PBX
- All handling of the handsets (booking in, roaming, handover) happens in the Cordless IP subsystem only
- The PBX doesnt not need to knwo which base station a handset is registered to
- HiPath Cordless IP combines VoIP to connect base stations with DECT to connect handsets
- Up to 50 handsets can be logged in with up to 10 simultaneous call / incoming calls
- Complete configuration and administration happens via the Cordless IP Server Software running on BSIP1
- All communication between DECT IP system is done via SIP with the Cordless IP Server Software
- Towards HiPath Systems, mobile subscribers (DECT Clients) appear as regular SIP Clients
- Gigaset S3, SL3 and M2 are supported
- The features differ from HiPath Cordless Office (Standard DECT)

BSIP1 - Antenne
- All cells of a cluster are centrally controlled by the HiPath Cordless IP Server Software
- The Server Software comes preinstalled on every BSIP1 and simply has to be activated on a single base station
- Up to 10 of the new BSIP1 base stations can form a Seamless Handover Cluster (SHC), the required time syncronization happens over the air

Currently on release for OpenOffice EE and ME

when it is available for the Italian market the solution VoIP / Dect BSIP1?
It works without problems?

Best regards

I think it would be released in April here in Italy.
For now the feedback which i have heard is that FT (Field Trials) in Germany are good, so we can hope that basic bugs are fixed....

Penso che la rilasciano per Italia verso Aprile.
Field trials sono pasati bene (come ho sentito) in Germania allora resta sperare che quelli bugs inizialli sono sistemati...

C'è qualcuno che si "offre" ad effettuare i primi test sulla MR4 di HOO ME? Nella MR4 è inclusa la soluzione Dect-IP.

Impressioni sulla soluzione DECT-IP? Qualcuno l'ha provata? Io ho un sistema con una cella master + 3 slave e a parte qualche problema iniziale ora sta andando bene


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