Author Topic: C20N Embedded Wireless Controller for the N-Series Switch  (Read 11578 times)

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C20N Embedded Wireless Controller for the N-Series Switch
« on: March 29, 2009, 12:31:08 pm »
The Enterasys N-Series Wireless Controller embeds Wireless LAN (WLAN) control functions directly into the Enterasys N-Series switch blades without occupying any slots in the chassis.
This enables enterprises to efficiently integrate wired and wireless networks, implement centralized control functions, and ensure efficient network utilization and high performance for voice, video, and data applications.

To facilitate wired/wireless infrastructure integration, the N-Series Wireless Controller is designed to fit into the network expansion module (NEM) slot on any N-Series Distributed Forwarding Engine (DFE). The N-Series Wireless Controller is available for all N-Series chassis and DFEs including Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Up to 7 N-Series Wireless Controller can be installed in a 7-slot N-Series switch.

The N-Series Wireless Controller is powered by a high-performance processor running Enterasys Wireless Controller software, the central element of the Enterasys Wireless WLAN architecture. In addition to the N-Series Wireless Controller, the Enterasys Wireless portfolio includes a range of indoor, outdoor, and 802.11n Wireless Access Points (APs), the Wireless Management Suite (WMS), and the WMS Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) option.

The N-Series Wireless Controller provides virtual segmentation of wireless users, devices, and applications in accordance with a variety of policy classes. Each N-Series Wireless Controller can support multiple, distinct role-based groups that implement prioritization, Quality of Service (QoS), and security settings as needed. The unique hybrid architecture combined with the flexible data handling features of the Enterasys Wireless APs provide traffic forwarding options that optimize bandwidth and prevent network congestion.

In addition, the N-Series Wireless Controller delivers comprehensive WLAN security through implementation of the most stringent security standards and procedures: 802.11i and WPA2 for overall wireless security, AES and RC4 (TKIP, WEP) for encryption, and 802.11x, RADIUS, and Captive Portal for authentication. The N-Series Wireless Controller also supports QoS features that allow WLAN optimization for voice, video, and data applications, Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIPS) functionality with false positive protection in conjunction with the WMS WIPS option, and high-availability features that maintain communication sessions in case of controller or network failure.

Management of the N-Series Wireless Controller is performed via the built-in Enterasys Wireless Assistant web-based device management application or, for larger networks, by the Enterasys Wireless Management Suite.
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