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Nuovo Programa Partner e Certificazione per Tecnici
« on: July 04, 2008, 10:15:15 pm »
Structure & Levels
The following levels are available:

SOCA - Siemens Open Communications Associate
This is the entry level certificate. This certificate provides proof of knowledge of strategy, technology and one or more certain product(s) in the area of Sales or Service. Everyone with this certificate will have a common understand of our Lifeworks Strategy, Open Communications, Open Solutions, OpenPath, Services Management and Value Selling (only Sales) and will be able to speak to customer using this common language. To obtain this certificate the candidate must pass a theoretical exam.
SOCP - Siemens Open Communications Professional
The holder of this certificate is able to professionally consult, sell or service Siemens Open Communications products, services and solutions. This certificate requires a professional product knowledge and a high level of technology know-how.
SOCE - Siemens Open Communications Expert
Holders of this certificate have the integration skills to provide customers with unified communication solutions. This certificate provides proof of extensive experience and highest competence. SOCE is the highest level you can achieve.

A certificate of the Open Communications Channel Certification Program is valid for two years. The access to certification is only possible by taking the SOCA level. Pre-Condition for taking the SOCP is a valid SOCA certificate. Same for the SOCE level: here you need a valid SOCP certificate first. If candidates fail to observe the 2 years deadline for recertification, they forfeit their status and must enter the certification process at the SOCA level again.

Examinations, Study Guides and preCertification (only SOCA) are of high quality. In combination they are a guarantee of success.
We are offering a bundle consisting of two or three components (depending on the level) and separate versions.
We strongly recommend buying the bundle, as this provides you with a full package at a great low price.

The following charges apply:
* Only available within the SOCA bundle; not available for SOCP/SOCE
** No fee for SOCE Sales

You can order the bundle and the separate Study Guide via our certification portal. You will find the order number of the bundle and the single study guide in each certificate overview. Here you can simply use the direct order link for your chosen product.
Payment by credit card or with ORG ID and cost center is accepted.
The access to the preCertification is only available by buying the bundle.
When buying the bundle, you receive the Study Guide and exam voucher for VUE by post and access to preCertification via email.
To buy the exam only, you pay the single price directly at VUE either by credit card or with a voucher. Vouchers are available directly at VUE and an order minimum of 10 is required.
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